In 1932, Homer Zavitz began hauling tomatoes, peas, and grapes from the local Niagara farms with a 1928 Reo. Homer would haul the peas to Canadian Canners in Dunnville, ON and then three hours later he had to have them down to the Canners factory on Lake St. in Saint Catharines. As the demand for his services grew, Homer, along with his brother Keith, formed Zavitz Brothers Limited in 1948. The brothers gained authority to haul fresh fish from the small towns and markets along the shores of the province of Ontario, to the markets in New York City. When Homer retired in 1977, the company had 125 trucks and employed 200 people.

    Homer’s sons, Karl and Mark, formed K.A.M. Trucking Inc. in 1983. K.A.M. secured a contract to haul logs out of the bush near Barrie, ON to the pulp and paper mill in Thorold. This account lasted several years, running two tractors and two trailers, with Mark and Karl working as owner-operators. Opportunities arose in the late ‘80s and financing was put in place to purchase a small trucking business out of Saint Catharines, ON. With this purchase, six more tractors were acquired, and we were able to attract and maintain our longest running customer. We continued to provide dedicated personalized service to that customer, while at the same time creating a niche market for ourselves in the refrigerated transportation sector of the business throughout the early 1990’s. Today, we run 30 tractors and approximately 60 trailers, running refrigerated trailers on the same North East lanes that Zavitz Brothers was running more than 50 years ago.