Equipment Inspections - Reflective Tape

     A very common minor defect that the DOT/MTO often spot, is either missing reflective tape or missing reflectors. In the pictures below I’ve pointed to the reflective requirements with red arrows. If you notice missing reflective tape or plastic reflectors on your equipment during trip inspections, please take the time to write it up on your yellow sheet so it can be repaired.

Rear of Tractor:
- Aluminum backed reflective tape attached to both mud-flaps
- Two plastic reflectors on rear cross-member


Back of Cab
- Two 12”x12” 90 degree reflectors on the back of the cab


Rear of Trailer:
- White tape in the top corners of the doors, required to be 12” across and 12” down
- Red/White Tape across bottom of doors
- Red/White Tape across full width of ICC bumper
(Note: Trailers
456 & 457 were built prior to these requirements and therefore do not require bumper tape)


Disclaimer: K.A.M. makes no guarantees regarding the accuracy of this information. It is intended for educational and assistance purposes, for the drivers of K.A.M. Trucking Inc.